Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From the INSIDE - The Beginning

This is my journey as I actually live at HAVEN FOR HOPE. It is my wish that I am successful and help others as well.

Haven for Hope claims to transform the lives of homeless men, women and children. According to a study of homeless and marginally housed people 32% of women reported either physical or sexual victimization in the previous year. Many have childhood sexual or physical abuse in their past.

Since I'm a single woman, my journaling will be geared for them, but families and single men stay in this transformational community for the homeless as well.

campus lit up at night - shows chapel and dormitories 

not sure which building this is yet

43-acre facility much like a 2-year college campus with dorms

bunk beds are side by side in the women's dorms sleeping approximately
100 ladies or more in Phase 1 area and 100 ladies or more in Phase II area

Nice cafeteria but food is not very good quality and
the portions they serve are very small.  Suppose to be
2000 calories but I'd say about 800 calories.  They also
serve cartons of pudding that are expired.  Many members
go to bed still hungry at night.  It's definitely not the larger
portions I saw in some of the photos on Google. 

This is called "The Warehouse" and you receive vouchers to go
there and pick out items of clothing, shoes, bedding and so forth.  It
is very packed in tightly and many things are thrown in large bins.
Still it is nice to go there and "shop" for things you need.

This is the beginning of my journey through the program.... I plan to document it here on Google in eBlogger, Google+, YouTube and on Facebook as best I can. I hope it helps me to give hope to other women. We'll see if help is really there!


Havenista Hope

Click here to go to their website:    Haven for Hope Organization - San Antonio, TX

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